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Our Services

Site Analysis / Property Assessment / Feasibility Studies / Due Diligence:
Developers need to fully understand the risks and costs for their projects before they commit their project funds.  PH&C will lead the full site analysis, facility assessment, feasibility studies and due diligence services tailored to the project specifics in order to provide our client with the critical information they need to either move forward with confidence, or just as importantly identify and pass on projects that do not meet their criteria.

PH&C prioritizes and guides clients through the maze of information required to make the initial determination of a project’s feasibility.  This incremental approach provides value by limiting extraneous spending, allowing our clients to focus their initial investments on the most promising opportunities.  Examples of critical information for project feasibility, include:

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Hazardous Material Surveys
  • Title & Survey Reviews
  • Highway Access
  • Environmental Permitting Requirements
  • Land Development Requirements
  • Existing Utility Identification and Assessments
  • Landlord and Tenant Lease Construction Requirements
  • Opinions of Probable Cost / Project Budgeting
  • Project Schedule

Pre-Construction Services:
A successful project requires meticulous planning and careful coordination across numerous disciplines.  PH&C provides the expertise and broad overview of knowledge and experience to manage all the design, entitlement, constructability and cost processes prior to breaking ground.  PH&C provides value for its clients during pre-construction by focusing on several key area.   First, PH&C can assist our clients into selecting the right team for their specific project needs from a large pool of experienced consultants of various types and disciplines.   Then by proactively managing and guiding the design and entitlement process using critical path milestones, PH&C reduces project delays saving valuable time and money.  Simultaneously, PH&C will obtain cost feedback on critical design issue and incorporate value engineer suggestions into the design prior to procurement, again saving time and money by managing cost and expectations before the construction starts.

PH&C will guide clients through the difficult process of design and land development to include:

Project Planning & Coordination:

    • Initial Program Development
    • Schematic Design and Design Development Documents
    • Special Construction Design Coordination
    • Project Schedule
    • Proforma Analysis / Hard & Soft Cost Budgeting
    • Detailed Project Estimating and Value Engineering
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Land Development & Zoning Approvals
    • Highway Permitting
    • NPDES Permitting:
    • Other Environmental: Stream Crossing / Sewer Modules
    • Utility Service Coordination: Water/ Sewer/ Gas/ Phone/ Electric /Cable
    • Building  / Construction Permits
    • Pre-Construction Meetings

Project Contractor Procurement:

    • RFP Development
    • Contractor Bidding / Clarification / Selection
    • Contractor Negotiations/ Contract Development

Construction Management Services:
Once a project moves to construction, PH&C manages all construction activities to insure a successful project completion. Construction starts with a detail plan aggressively executed, but includes adapting to changes as they occur. PH&C’s experience staff works with contractors to anticipate issues and to solve problems before they occur. PH&C provides the link between its clients and the contractors giving it clients the expertise to work with contractors on an equal footing, and to understand the intricacies of complex design and construction issues and to develop innovative solutions that work for both the owner and contractor and avoid excess cost and schedule delays.

Detailed construction services include:

    • Construction Coordination, Supervision, and Documentation
    • Requests for Information / Design Issue Recommendation / Resolution
    • Government Agency Coordination
    • Utility Coordination
    • Testing Agency Coordination
    • Tenant Delivery / Construction Coordination
    • Project Schedule Management
    • Contract Management/ Budget Management
    • Bank Billing & Inspection Coordination/ Government Agency
    • Escrow & Letter of Credit Reductions

Owner’s Representation / Project Management Oversight:
PH&C services include complete program management (owner’s representative) services. Acting as the Owner’s agent-liaison point of control, PH&C oversees, manages and administrates the entire project or portion desired. Program management consulting services function as if PH&C was the real estate construction department in your firm. In this capacity, PH&C reports, coordinates, oversees, and works within the goals/parameters you define. PH&C affords you the development, design, and construction expertise needed to achieve your goals, without the overhead costs associated with in-house personnel.

Drone Technologies:
PH&C employs drone aircraft technologies at every step of the process to provide insight and “a different perspective” of project overviews and possibilities. Documenting site conditions with high resolution photos from beginning to end is an invaluable tool for many different scenarios.